New York to Start Bike Program

In a bid to reduce pollution and carbon emissions on the earth, many large cities and towns around the world are constantly trying to find ways to decrease the amount of traffic and vehicle congestion they have. Bikes and cycling initiatives are constantly coming in to encourage citizens to leave their cars at home. Bike rental schemes and such like can be found in most large cities. One famous place has created a scheme to try and lessen the amount of pollution that is exhausted in the city.

New York University has been running a bike share program for its students and employees that will hopefully lead on to the rest of the city. At the moment there are around seventy five cycles for the university to use. Rather than buying their own bikes and cycling equipment, those who work and attend the university can now rent bicycles at no charge. But the city is ambitioning more than ten thousand for the rest of New York with around six hundred stations to rent the bicycles from. Summer is the time that the programme is proposed to begin for the big apple.

With this new programme, residents will be able to rent a bike for the day and ride around the city, which is hoping to persuade car users to drive less as a form of travel. New York is well known for its bustling traffic and its huge amount of taxis, vehicles and motors on the roads. This brand new scheme is set to start in the summer of 2012 and it is hoped this will allow for less congestion in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Bike schemes and cycling initiatives are a great way to convince more people to leave their cars at home and cycle to work or as part of their daily commute. After all bikes, cycling equipment and everything else that comes with riding a bicycle can add up to a costly amount. A cheap and effective bicycle scheme is the ideal way to allow residents of cities and towns to cycle for less money. If New York succeeds in reducing pollution, then there is no excuse why other cities cannot follow suit and do the same. If this highly busy and congested place can lessen its carbon emissions then the rest of the world should not have a problem in also doing so.

Cycling Helmets – Make a Careful Purchase

Whether you like to hop on a bicycle for a quick ride through the neighborhood or you enjoy racing and competitive cycling, a cycling helmet needs to be an important part of your outfit. A properly fitting helmet is crucial to protect your head in the case of an accident. While no one likes to think about having a crash that’s bad enough to injure you, it’s something that you have to think about to make sure that you’re safe while you’re on the bike. An improperly fitting piece of headgear can actually do you more harm than good, so it’s crucial to be sure you get the right helmet with the right fit.

A sport helmet is good for any time you’re on a bicycle. These are probably the least expensive helmets available. Head gear designed for road cycling are more lightweight and will usually have more ventilation to help keep your head cooler because it’s expected that you’re going to wear them more often and for more strenuous cycling.

A BMX helmet is the type you want to get if you like off-road biking and riding over semi-rugged terrain or if you just feel the need for something that’s a bit stronger and sturdier than a standard piece of headgear. If you’re into extreme biking and extremely rugged off-road conditions, then choose something called a mountain bike cycle helmet that offers the best protection possible for this type of riding.

An important tip that many people overlook if they don’t get expert help when they’re choosing headgear is to make sure that the cycling helmet sits squarely on top of your head. The front of it is supposed to come down over your forehead even if that feels strange and uncomfortable to you. If you purchase one that has proper lining and padding it shouldn’t be uncomfortable but it may take you some time to get used to having your forehead covered in this way. If you wear the helmet tipped back more like a hat, you’re losing the protection that you would get for your head and risking the helmet sliding backwards and off your head in the case of an accident.

Not only does this keep your head from being protected but it can actually cause the chin strap to slip around your neck during an accident. So in addition to measuring your head and trying helmets on to get the right fit, you have to make sure that you wear your cycle helmet properly when you ride for maximum protection.

Biking Gear

For a first time biker, your biking purchases is not done with the purchase of the bike, that is only the beginning. You will need to buy clothing, shoes and other biking accessories for a complete biking experience.

Most people simply buy all they need at the bike store as they buy bicycle itself, however you can choose to buy other equipment as you learn more about them and figure out the ones you need and the one you don’t. There are several accessories out there that can enhance your performance when riding your bike especially if you do race. Accessories like aero bars will help you move faster. Biking could be a little bit expensive a hobby especially if you want to do it right. Depending on how much space you have for storage you could invest in a bicycle rack for storage of your bike and also in a rack for transportation on your car. This will particularly be useful if you intent to travel to a destination to enjoy riding your bike.

If you an avid bike rider then you should invest in the right clothing. Nothing looks so out of place as a rider wearing regular cloths and hunched over a road bike cycling away. If you are cycling to work, put your work cloths in a bag and done on your cycling gear. You can change and maybe get a shower when you get to work. I hope you have a shower at work. Biking cloths are not just designed to make you look good; rather they are also designed with your safety in mind. Clothing accessories like gloves, cycling shoes and jerseys all enhance your performance.

One of the most important accessories for cycling is the helmet. It provides protection for the head and is stream lined so that it does hinder your speed. Other accessories such knee guards, arm guards, cycling shoes all work together to give you an enjoyable experience. Also get a bicycle lock to get some sense of security that your bicycle will be where you left it. If you are riding to work with your bike invest in a bag suitable for bikes so that you can carry documents and other things you need to work. A water bottle is an essential component of your gear. You do not want to be dehydrated as you ride your bike. You can get all your gear online and there are many of sites that offer biking gear at affordable rates.