Cycle Shelters – An Introduction

Would you like to cycle to school or work more often?

If you do, is there a safe and dry area for you to park your bike?

If not, let me introduce you to the cycle shelter.

Statistics show that only 2% of children now cycle to school and most adults opt to either take their car or go by public transport.

Perhaps this is because of the bike facilities not being available or not being safe and secure enough for them to use bikes.

Cycle shelters solve the problem of having to lock your bikes to a lamppost or fence and with the many designs available, will keep it dry in the wet weather and more secure during your day.

The shelters, made from galvanised steel or wood, come in various designs and styles and can even be powder coated in various colours to co-ordinate with school colours.

They can be fitted around existing bike racks and are useful as waiting areas for parents/visitors.

They generally do not need planning permission and are an excellent safety and security feature of your school or place of work.

A recent survey showed that 43% of parents wanted to see an improvement of the bike facilities available for their children to take their bikes to school as it not only reduces traffic and pollution but improves fitness levels of the children and themselves if they bike with them.

You, your pupils, employees, and many other visitors will benefit greatly from a cycle shelter and enjoy getting fit at the same time!

Cycling Clothing – What to Wear

Having the right kind of gear, accessories and set-up for your bike ensures your safety and comfort while cycling. Indeed, it is an indispensable factor to have the right parts for your bike to ride at best efficiency. If you take your cycling hobby seriously and you practice your sport regularly, indeed, a good bike is your best investment.

However, if you are a serious biker, you ought to know and consider owning several pieces of cycling clothing as well. There are many reasons why you should own some. First, wearing a cycling clothing, somehow exudes to other people your determination and passion to maintain your hobby. In a way, once your mind and body is conditioned that you are a serious biker, you would face your cycling challenges and terrains with more energy and vigor. This should of course improve your biking ability and expertise.

Apart from this, owning cycling clothing ensures your safety and comfort during your ride. It grants safety because unlike other loose shirts which can easily and accidentally be attached or looped to the handles or other parts of the bike, cycling clothing, which are usually form-fitting, does not pose such danger. Additionally, loose shorts can pose to be hazard because of the material used – sometimes they lead you to easily slide off the bike seat or the length of some sorts to easily get caught by the pedals as you push. Most importantly, cycling clothing can allow “padding” especially by your behind so as such cushioning can serve you comfort even during long biking trips.  

Electric Cycle Bikes

Then using an electric cycle bike is the best for you. Not only it gives you ease from pedaling unto your destination; it will also make you free from sweat once you reach the place.

With electric cycles, you will be able to have a hassle-free ride with your cycle because instead of using your force to make it run, it will just use the stored electricity to run the motors attached to the cycle. You might wonder what happens if the battery runs out in the middle of the trip. Well, electric cycles has pedals attached to it like ordinary cycles has. These pedals have two purposes in the electric cycle. First is to make the bike run through human force and second is that it is used to recharge the empty rechargeable battery.

Electric bike cycle do contribute a lot of good things to nature, it does not emit any pollution to it making it safe to all of us living in this world. And this is a big plus to all consumers and those environmentalists that prefer to use cycles than those diesel-powered vehicles.

These electric bike cycles can be used by those mountain hikers on the go. Once they get weak in pedaling, they can actually use alternately the motors to run for them in a meantime. In this case, things would get a little bit easier and in a sense that you saved a lot of time and a lot of energy.

Electric cycle bikes are also known to last longer than any consumer could think. Besides, its chassis are actually built perfectly to be sturdy enough to withstand any tracks — rocky or cemented roads.

These types of vehicles are really good not just good to people but also good to the nature. With motors attached into it, you will be able to reach your destination in earlier time than before and also without getting tired pedaling and without any sweat.