New York to Start Bike Program

In a bid to reduce pollution and carbon emissions on the earth, many large cities and towns around the world are constantly trying to find ways to decrease the amount of traffic and vehicle congestion they have. Bikes and cycling initiatives are constantly coming in to encourage citizens to leave their cars at home. Bike rental schemes and such like can be found in most large cities. One famous place has created a scheme to try and lessen the amount of pollution that is exhausted in the city.

New York University has been running a bike share program for its students and employees that will hopefully lead on to the rest of the city. At the moment there are around seventy five cycles for the university to use. Rather than buying their own bikes and cycling equipment, those who work and attend the university can now rent bicycles at no charge. But the city is ambitioning more than ten thousand for the rest of New York with around six hundred stations to rent the bicycles from. Summer is the time that the programme is proposed to begin for the big apple.

With this new programme, residents will be able to rent a bike for the day and ride around the city, which is hoping to persuade car users to drive less as a form of travel. New York is well known for its bustling traffic and its huge amount of taxis, vehicles and motors on the roads. This brand new scheme is set to start in the summer of 2012 and it is hoped this will allow for less congestion in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Bike schemes and cycling initiatives are a great way to convince more people to leave their cars at home and cycle to work or as part of their daily commute. After all bikes, cycling equipment and everything else that comes with riding a bicycle can add up to a costly amount. A cheap and effective bicycle scheme is the ideal way to allow residents of cities and towns to cycle for less money. If New York succeeds in reducing pollution, then there is no excuse why other cities cannot follow suit and do the same. If this highly busy and congested place can lessen its carbon emissions then the rest of the world should not have a problem in also doing so.