Increase Your Fitness With Bikes!

One of the healthiest, greenest and most scenic forms of transport in the world would have to be riding your bike. Cycling is a popular pastime that millions of people all around the globe enjoy each day. It is an ideal way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life by heading off cycling for a few hours of fresh air and exercise. Bike riding can be very rewarding on your own and can also be enjoyed as a social activity with friends, family and fitness groups.

In some countries like Spain, China and France, bicycles are the most common form of transport. In fact, in The Netherlands, bikes are really the only form of transport throughout most parts of Amsterdam. Australia ranks number six as the most bike friendly country in the world, which is great news considering all the splendid benefits this wonderful hobby/sport brings.

Choosing a bike that is suitable for the type of riding you do is a very important decision as if affects how much you will use your bike and enjoy cycling. The first step is finding a supplier that offers a wide range of different styles of bikes, such as mountain bikes, men’s bikes, ladies bikes and kid’s bikes.

Not only that, if you are buying bikes for kids you need to make sure your supplier has a large choice of different-sized kid’s bikes. A good kid’s bike should be suitable for children aged from around four to five years old and upwards. Remember, it is very important to measure your child’s inner leg before making any purchases. Do this and you will ensure that your child had the right size kid’s bike for their needs.

With the explosion of their popularity in the last twenty years, mountain bikes are the most suitable type of bike if you plan to ride off-road frequently. Mountain bikes have features that can stand up to the stresses and strains of off-road cycling, so make sure that you buy a mountain bike if you plan on riding on different types of terrain. There are a range of kid’s mountain bikes, men’s mountain bikes and ladies mountain bikes to choose from, so it will be simple to find the right bike for you and your family’s needs.

Men’s bikes also come in a variety of designs and sizes to enable a perfect fit. If you have a son who is reaching his teens and is quite tall, it is worth considering a men’s bike rather than a kid’s bike, as it is pointless buying a kid’s bike for someone who will outgrow it in a very short period of time.

Some men’s bikes, kid’s bikes and ladies bikes come in different speeds including, 18, 21 and 24 speeds. Bikes like these are ideal for anyone who wants to ride predominantly on roads and ride up-and-down hills. The different speed settings enable a rider to make lighter work of tough hills, making the journey more enjoyable with the ability to ride longer distances.

So if you are looking for a great way to get the whole family to exercise more frequently, increase their health, spend more time together or do something good for the environment, think about getting everyone a bike that is suitable for their individual needs. You will soon be heading off on your first adventure on the open road and greener pastures.