Cycling Clothing for All Bikers

Specialist Cycling Clothing

If you enjoy cycling and want to take it to the next level, there’s plenty of specialist cycling clothing tailored to your needs. Whether it’s road bike racing, off road mountain biking or BMX riding, you can be sure that whatever you decide to specialise in, there is a whole range of professional clothing available to enhance your experience and get you kitted out. Starting from regular bikes to specially designed ones and riding on new terrain can be a daunting at first but is a great way for you to get more out of cycling and to challenge yourself to a whole new type of riding. You might find when embarking on areas of specialist biking that regular cycling clothing doesn’t cater to your needs and you need to invest in some specifically tailored items to keep you riding.

Road Bike Racing

For those who like to test their performance and limits when cycling, road bike cycling is the next step and high performance cycling clothing helps riders keep going for that much longer. Although of course, you don’t have to get involved in competitions, the road bike community is based around the competitive element, both with oneself and other riders in your group. Testing your stamina, speed, determination and will, road bike racing is the ultimate challenge; from a friendly group ride to taking on the mountain stages in the famous Tour De France, you’ll want to push your limits, and specially designed cycling clothing for racing is a must for the serious enthusiast.

Cycling Clothing for Mountain Biking

There’s a whole world of difference between a brisk bike ride to work and off road mountain biking; Speeding downhill on uneven, rocky terrain in a flurry of mud and branches isn’t your usual journey, and you’ll want to kit yourself out in the very best cycling clothing to keep yourself safe and comfortable as you traverse the mountain passes. The element of excitement and danger is what mountain biking is all about, it gets the adrenaline pumping and is the ultimate in exhilarating riding. Of course you’re going to need a more heavy duty and protective clothing than regular bike riding; long sleeve jerseys, cold weather gloves, hoodies and cold weather bike tights. There is a bigger emphasis on protection in mountain bike clothing as of course, it can be dangerous, and you need to pad up before hitting the trails. There are soft and hard armour sets available, which usually include knee and shin pads as well as elbow pads, but full body armour pads are available for those who wish to be extra careful. Wearing mountain bike gear is essential for the sport and an example of where wearing cycling clothing really makes a difference.